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A&F Property Management of Florida, Inc. strives on providing the best services to each of our properties throughout the state of Florida. We understand that good and satisfactory services is an important factor to our success and to the happiness of our owners. Please review our available services below.

Meeting attendance
Invaluable for planning, generating improvement ideas, reporting details of operations and maintaining control over operational and financial matters. This involvement is key part of our service and accountability to you.

We handle all details of securing bids for maintenance, managing outside companies, and overseeing internal procedures and operations.

Budget control, financial flow, unforeseen expenditures, and crisis financial control.

Delinquencies and Infractions
We process financial and behavioral delinquencies and breach of community rules.

Landscape and maintenance divisions care for all building, landscape, pool, and recreational facility matters.

Hands-On Calls and Emergencies
Rapid Response teams for residents’ requests and emergency 24 hours a day, every day; often averts problems that may escalate to costly repairs.

Quality Control and Property Value Maintenace

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